Great place to grab a beer and hang out with friends! I must try more from this place because of the diverse menu and it all looks so good!
— Rebecca H., Yelp
I love this place. I love the decor. The ambiance is everything, and the food is great. There fries are super delicious and they have a ton of vegetarian/vegan options which is really nice!
— Veronica B., Yelp
Do you like epic movies?
Do you like craft beer?
Do you like good food?
Do you like friendly staff?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, stop reading and go check in at The Hobbit Cafe.
— Brad P., Yelp
My family loves Tolkien and has a history with this restaurant going back at least 40 years. My parents used to take their friends to the old Hobbit Hole long before I was born, and to this day we frequent the new Hobbit Cafe location on Richmond. Absolutely love the atmosphere both inside and out. The food is great, the beer and wine list extensive (as is fitting for hobbits).
— Rachel Jamison, Google+